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Web Site Design Features - Extras

Flash 4 Shockwave Animations

Complex animation of images, shapes, and type can be accomplished using this technology. In order for visitors to your site to see these animations, they must have the Shockwave Plugin installed. This plugin is perhaps the most popular plugin program on the Internet. It is already installed on millions of computers, and is available as a free download from Macromedia, so most of your visitors will be able to view your Shockwave-powered content.

Java Applets

We do not code Java Applets from scratch. We employ the excellent, professional quality Applets of OpenCube Technologies. The advantages of this approach are twofold: development time is greatly reduced (the code has already been written--it just needs some minor modifications), and your cost is significantly less.

GIF Animations

GIF animations are usually fairly simple animations that involve photograhic images, basic shapes, lighting effects, and simple text manipulations.
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